Telugu States settle for SITs on data theft

The two Telugu States have finally settled in the Special Investigation Teams (SITs) to probe into the data theft case. The Telangana State, which had unearthed the case and sealed the IT Grids office in Hyderabad, it had formed a SIT to probe the case. The police are also trying to nab the IT Grids chief Ashok, who is absconding now. The Telangana police are also looking for the AP police who have tried to intimidate the complainant Lokesh Reddy who lives in Hyderabad.

In response to these cases, the Andhra Pradesh government had also formed two SITs, one to probe the data theft case and the other to probe into the Telangana police involvement in the case. With the two political parties – the Telangana Rastra Samithi in Telangana and Telugu Desam Party in Andhra Pradesh – locking horns over the issue, it had become increasingly difficult for the police officers to toe the political line and do their job.

As the ruling parties are not prepared to give any scope for the police to intrude into their territories, it is not going to be easy for the police officers in the SITs to work on the assignments given to them by the respective governments. The police officers, appointed to head the SITs by the two governments are known for their sincerity and seniority but because of the politics involved in the cases, it is to be seen how they would discharge their duties in the SITs.

Be it the Telangana SIT or the AP SIT, they are expected to work in the other States and get some additional information from the other territory. But, looking at the political involvement, the SITs may not get the desired information from the offices of the other territory and clear the doubts.

The Telangana police have also booked cases against a ACP level officer in AP who reportedly tried to intimidate the complainant. With the AP police strongly opposing the case, can the Telangana SIT get access to the AP ACP is also a big question. However, the politics continue to keep the issue in the limelight till the elections are over.

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