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Raj Tarun

With medium and small budget movies, Raj Tarun as the hero created a status for himself but now he is reeling under flops. If a hero’s movies become hit then only he will have huge market. Otherwise even producers and directors don’t show interest in doing movies with that hero. With disasters like ‘Rangula Ratnam’ and ‘Lovers’ last year, Raj Tarun is currently idle but as per the latest reports he committed one movie with Dil Raju and another with Rana who is making the film under his own banner.

There are reports that even before Rana’s movie, Raj Tarun will be working in a movie under Dil Raju banner. While it is confirmed that Raj Tarun will work a movie under Dil Raju’s banner, the market condition of Tarun is in no way good. That’s why there are reports doing round in film circle that Dil Raju has put a condition with regard to the movie being made with Raj Tarun. It is said that Raj Turn liked a Turkish movie and asked Dil Raju to re-make it. After watching the movie, Dil Raju is said to have okayed Raj Tarun’s proposal.

He, however, made it clear that conditions apply. The conditions are that Raj Tarun should not ask remuneration. He was also given the assurance that even if he is not paid remuneration he will get share in film’s profits. Facing a tough situation Raj Tarun accepted Dil Raju’s proposal and got himself immersed in the director’s share. Dil Raju who burnt his fingers by making small films pricked a hero giving flops at a point where it hurts the most

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