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All eyes on Pawan Kalyan’s first meet on his agenda

February 16, 2018

All eyes in Andhra Pradesh are on Pawan Kalyan’s proposed meet of intellectuals and representatives of political parties to be held for two days from today in Hyderabad. Pawan Kalyan had formed a Joint Fact-finding […]

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Modi-Shah sees cast consolidation in South?

February 15, 2018

The North leaders are suspecting something is happening in the South. It is a consolidation of a caste that would be a potential threat to the Banias from the North. They could never win the […]


3.5mn N.Koreans sign up to fight against US

August 12, 2017

Pyongyang, Aug 12  Some 3.5 million North Korean citizens have signed up to enlist in the army to fight against the US, as tension between Washington and Pyongyang continues to mount, state-media reported on Saturday. […]

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Trump Times: TruModi bromance blips in la-la land!

July 1, 2017

Washington, July 1  He came, he saw, he hugged and hugged again, but he couldn’t conquer the Russia obsessed Yankee media. Narendra Modi’s budding bromance with Donald Trump could not bloom on the idiot box. […]

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