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Obama rejects Trump immigration ban, backs protests

January 31, 2017

Washington, Jan 31 Former US President Barack Obama, in his first public statement after leaving office, rejected his successor Donald Trump’s controversial immigration ban and backed nationwide protests against the order, the media reported. In […]

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Obama surprises ‘brother’ Biden

January 13, 2017

Washington, Jan 13  Outgoing US President Barack Obama surprised Vice President Joe Biden by presenting him the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honour, and called him his “brother” and “the best Vice […]

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Obama says goodbye, rally spirits of Democrats

January 11, 2017

Washington, Jan 11 Outgoing President Barack Obama on Tuesday said goodbye to the US citizens in a dramatic reinterpretation of a presidential farewell address. Obama asked them to reaffirm their faith in their own ability […]

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Trump and I are opposites: Obama

January 9, 2017

Washington, Jan 9  US President Barack Obama said his successor Donald Trump and he are “opposites in some ways” but admitted that both have a high degree of “confidence” in themselves. “It’s probably a prerequisite […]

US President Barack Obama. (File Photo)
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I told Putin to stop hacking of US election

December 17, 2016

Washington, Dec 17 Outgoing US President Barack Obama asserted on Friday that a September confrontation with his Russian counterpart prompted Moscow to cease its hacking of the US election. During a meeting on the sidelines […]

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She will never run for White House

November 30, 2016

Washington, Nov 30  Outgoing US President Barack Obama has said that his wife and the current First Lady Michelle Obama will never run for the White House, despite a growing chant. The social media has […]

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