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Rebellion from key leaders may mar TRS prospects

October 15, 2018

Hyderabad, Oct 15: Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) was the first to announce its candidates for the assembly elections. In fact, it announced the candidates for 105 candidates immediately after dissolution of the state assembly. It […]

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KTR hits at Opposition ahead of TRS meet

September 1, 2018

Industries Minister KT Rama Rao described the alliance of Opposition parties as ‘Ghatia bandhan’ (useless alliance) and expressed confidence that TRS would get 50 per cent of the votes in coming polls. In a chat […]

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All eyes on TRS Cabinet meeting

September 1, 2018

All eyes in the two Telugu States are on the proposed Cabinet meeting of the Telangana government scheduled for September 2. The Cabinet meeting is scheduled a few hours before the Telangana Rastra Samithi’s historical […]

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TRS may try to woo settlers?

August 5, 2018

What will be KCR’s strategy towards Andhra settlers is the question being debated now. Congress party has already announced its decision. TDP is in a dilemma whether to go it alone or have an alliance […]

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Is KCR ready for early polls?

July 7, 2018

If the Central Election Commission wants to hold simultaneous polls to the Assemblies of the States, whose term is ending either in the second half of 2018 or first half of 2019, along with Lok […]

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 Naidu wants to be king in AP, king maker in TS

May 25, 2018

Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is dreaming of becoming king in Andhra Pradesh for another term and king maker in the neighbouring Telangana State after the 2019 elections. Riding on the support that he had received […]

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Roja at it again, nails Naidu on Note for Vote case

May 10, 2018

YSR Congress fire brand MLA RK Roja was at it again hitting hard at Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu. She leaves no opportunity to criticise Chandrababu Naidu. This time again on infamous Note for Vote case […]

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Telugu States debate Note for Vote case

May 9, 2018

After more than two years, the two Telugu States are gets busy debating the infamous Note for Vote case involving the Telugu Desam Party trying to buy the nominated MLA vote in the MLC elections […]

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KCR in defence

April 20, 2018

One judgment..many questions..one confusion.. many surprises. Legal experts have their hands full..Are government and legislature different or one? Who expelled the two MLAs? Assembly or government. What will happen next? What kind of political developments […]

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KCR’s third front plans put on hold

April 10, 2018

Is the Pink Panther planning to wait for some more time for floating the third front as an alternative to BJP and Congress? Yes, say TRS sources. Originally KCR had planned to create ripples with […]

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