Pawan’s fans are anxious

March 18, 2020

Tension gripped Pawan Kalyan’s fans after they saw him in new look. There was a talk that no matter how Pawan Kalyan looks in lawyer’s role in ‘Vakeell Saab’ being made in the combination with […]


Nag is again the host choice

March 16, 2020

Besides currently shooting for RRR, NTR will soon go to the sets to shoot for a new film with Trivikram. Thus NTR will be very busy till April 7. That’s why this time Star Maa […]


Films with Pawan become comedy

March 15, 2020

Producers are caught in a dilemma with regard to movies with Pawan Kalyan. They wanted to use Pawan’s craze. They started projects with Pawan with the dreams that they can get lot of benefits. However, […]


Coronavirus tension grips industry

March 13, 2020

It was thought that with the conclusion of exams, the film industry will have good days ahead but the exam fear is replaced by Coronavirus fear. Some states have already shut down theatres due to […]


Prudhvi now cursing politics

March 12, 2020

At the time of previous elections Prudhvi Raj jumped to YSRCP and slammed cinema personalities publicly. 30 years Prudhvi Raj entered politics in the hope of proving himself. Now he is criticizing politics and trying […]

Roja Jabardasth telugu news

Special festival show will be a treat

March 11, 2020

These days ETV with its Jabardast rating is giving comedy shows on all channels a run for their money. Many shows have come to take on Jabardast but all have realized that there is no […]


Comedian’s business hit by Coronavirus

March 9, 2020

Coronavirus has hit the film industry too. The film shootings are coming to a halt. Similarly movie functions are being postponed. There are also reports that theatres may also be shut down. Meanwhile, a comedian […]

Vijay Devarakonda Taxiwala

Why Karan is dying for Vijay

March 8, 2020

While it is not known who in the Tollywood used Vijay Devarkonda’s craze but in Bollywood Karan Johar is dying for Vijay devarkonda’s craze. It is known that Karan Johar who is a big producer […]


Will Kamal Hasan quit Bharateeyudu ?

March 7, 2020

Ever since Shankar started Bharateeyudu sequel with Kamal Haasan, he has been facing some hurdle. Shankar had created a sensation with the announcement that he will make Bharateeyudu 2 with Kamal Haasan and Telugu producer […]


Curiosity on RRR title

March 4, 2020

Fans of heroes working in Rajamouli’s RRR are going crazy for the updates on the film. They hope that RRR will come before them in March. However, there are reports that only first look or title […]

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