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Protest calls sending TDP leaders into tizzy

February 17, 2020

Telugu Desam Party leaders are worried in all 13 districts. The moment they are organizing a protest programme against the government, cases are being booked against them. In these eight months several TDP leaders had […]

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Doubts on bus yarta’s success

February 15, 2020

Chandrababu has understood the entire scene. He has realized that no matter how much he strongly he raises his voice over Amaravati this is not going to help him. Chandrababu has suddenly deserted the farmers […]

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Secret of Kejriwal’s hat-trick

February 13, 2020

Simplicity…corruption free governance… no caste, no religion, no community. He just provided facilities required for people’s day-to-day life. This helped him score a hat-trick. Kejriwal’s victory should be a lesson for the regional parties in […]

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Anger but not vision

February 10, 2020

Despite an experience of six years, there is no change in him. Pawan Kalyan assured the AP capital farmers that he will stand by them. Not just this. He also said that he will take […]

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Decks being cleared for KTR’s takeover

February 9, 2020

It is being said that major changes will occur soon in Telangana’s ruling party TRS. There are intense speculations that KTR will take over the responsibility in place of Chief Minister KCR. Party sources have […]

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Will his formula be a success?

February 8, 2020

Pawan Kalyan had announced that without bothering about power he is getting ready for a long political struggle but his re-entry into films has now triggered a debate. All had thought that he will confine […]

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Are Kammas distancing from YSRCP?

February 5, 2020

Majority of those demanding that Amaravati should continue as the state capital belong to Kamma community. Though the protest is going on in the name of farmers, it can’t be denied that it is this […]

Y S Jagan
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Aggressive in tackling opposition and welfare

February 3, 2020

Ever since it came to power, Jagan government has been finding itself in a storm of controversies. In the first phase, Chief Minister Jagan reined in Chandrababu coterie and appointed on key posts those who […]

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The real reasons for JD’s resignation

February 2, 2020

Films brought recognition to power star Pawan Kalyan. He was introduced to all as the brother of megastar and after making the entry with this tagline, he made an image for himself. When his brother […]

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Paritala family distancing from TDP ?

February 1, 2020

Is Paritala family, a prominent political family in Anantapur district, getting ready to take a sensational political decision? Paritala family has been with TDP for few decades and it grew in the party and stood […]

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