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Nimmagadda may be blamed in case of defeat

March 22, 2020

Ministers in Andhra Pradesh appear to have heaved a sigh of relief. Publicly they have been making serious statements but internally they are happy over the local body elections being postponed. In case they suffer […]

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Chandrababu’s strategies are not working?

March 19, 2020

Is TDP chief and former CM Chandrababu is losing the grip over the party? Is he unable to lead the party with a history of four decades in the right direction? Yes, says those keeping […]

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Change in Jagan’s mindset

March 18, 2020

After becoming the chief minister Jagan stopped interacting with the media. Ten months had passed without Jagan appearing before the media. When Babu was CM, there used to be daily media briefings. That’s how it […]

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Election Commissioner has super powers

March 17, 2020

Now the ball is in the election commission’s court. Though Jagan asked the questions with anger, he can’t stand up to the powers of the election commissioner. Now in AP, Jagan has to look after […]

Atchan Naidu
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Match fixing of the two families

March 16, 2020

With Srikakulam district, the names of Kinjarapu and Dharmana families come to mind. These two families have been dominating the district politics for decades. These families have been enjoying the positions of power for a […]

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Constant struggle yields results

March 14, 2020

YSR Congress Party has entered 10th year of its existence. Exactly nine years ago, after parting ways with Congress Y S Jagan launched the party to achieve the ideals of his father. YSR Congress Party […]

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Need to be cautious on sensitive issue

March 7, 2020

The communal divide is sending wrong signals to the society. When political parties for their vote banks get such an opportunity, they don’t let it go. Majority of the common people don’t like to be […]

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YSRCP juniors overestimating themselves

March 3, 2020

Whether it is ruling YSRCP or some other party, seniors and juniors keep mingling. However, it is a tradition that juniors will always lag a step behind. While respecting seniors, they move forward following their […]

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Jagan has four goals in four years

February 28, 2020

YSRCP chief Jagan, who formed the government following unprecedented victory, has completed 10 months in power. He has only four years left. Out of these four years the last six months will go in devising […]

Nara Chandrababu Naidu
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This is too much Babu

February 27, 2020

Chandrababu is chanting Jagan’s name. Chandrababu was a friend of Jagan’s father YSR. However, he did not utter even his name so many times. Even when he was in power for five years, Chandrababu did […]

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