A question for Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan had entered politics to question. Five years later the Jana Sena leader is doing some tough questioning. Organising at least one programme every year, he is going in midst of the people. This is okay but there is a widespread feeling that he is missing a logic in questioning. The fact is that opposition’s responsibility is to question. Leaders drunk on power commit mistakes, intentionally or unintentionally. The opposition’s duty is to identify them. Not just pointing them out but it is the duty of a leading opposition leader to give his constructive suggestions to the government and thus guides it. There is another category of opposition leaders who resort to making personal allegations and use abusive words. A look at this category shows that out top opposition leaders don’t fall into it. Even if there are some, they were confined to three four elections.

For last few years we have not seen even the middle category of opposition leaders. This is because pointing out a mistake and questioning is also a big thing. Giving up such politics now the opposition parties seem to be saying we will criticize you whether you are right or wrong and you have to bear with this. Leaders with vast political experience are indulging in this not to talk about a new entrant like Pawan Kalyan. Now they have gone beyond criticizing the government to make personal accusations and raise issues like religion and caste. Pawan Kalyan is saying that he is questioning the government. YSRCP leaders are saying fine but he should question after having all the knowledge about a particular issue. Ministers like Anil Kumar Yadav is advising him to know when a problem started and what is the current situation, before speaking something on it.

Political analysts wonder why Pawan Kalyan did not go among people and question then government. Had he done this at least by now he would have become a powerful opposition leader. Many wrongs were committed during five-year-rule of Chandrababu. Onion prices had gone up even then, various categories of workers were rendered jobless and people have been facing problems for a long time. They say that if Pawan had raised his voice then, his party would not have face such a humiliating defeat in the recent elections. Now Pawan is slamming the government. He started raising voice from the day Jagan came to power.

However, Pawan Kalyan is said to have missed the logic here. Had he questioned Babu yesterday and Jagan today, people would have understood his honesty. However, since he left Babu and targeted only Jagan, he is seen practicing discriminatory politics. The observers say even if now Pawan Kalyan speaks on the wrongs of the previous government and as opposition leader not just criticizes the government but also makes constructive suggestions, see good things as good and look at every issue from people’s angle, Jana Sena will get new strength. Will Pawan takes steps in this direction?

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