Aggressive in tackling opposition and welfare

Y S Jagan

Ever since it came to power, Jagan government has been finding itself in a storm of controversies. In the first phase, Chief Minister Jagan reined in Chandrababu coterie and appointed on key posts those who were in favour of the government. Subsequently, he went after those who troubled him while he was in opposition and punished them in his own style. By targeting likes of Kodela Sivaprasad Rao, who was a key leader in the previous government, Jagan made the life tough for TDP camp. Following demolition of Prajavedika, a debate began in AP whether Chandrababu’s house will be spared or will it also be demolished. After this there was a row over English medium in government schools. Stirring up a hornet’s nest, Jagan government kicked up three capital issue to give sleepless nights to the opposition.

After settling the scores with all those who tried to politically suppress him, Jagan has now started focusing on people. Realising that he needs a team of one lakh people to take the benefits of ‘Navaratnalu’ schemes to the people, the chief minister created a sensation by setting up village volunteer system. Jagan created a new history in January by launching Ammavodi under which Rs.15,000 was deposited in the bank accounts of the women The welfare programmes began with this and continued till distribution of pensions to the beneficiaries at their doorsteps.

Those who had to stand in long queues to take their old age, widow or disable pension, now need not have to run around. The village volunteer himself will visit the beneficiary’s house to pay the pension. This move by the government is being hailed by the people. Poor sections of the society are now understanding the thinking of Jagan. The government has come for praise from people for introducing a system to ensure that the benefits of the government’s welfare schemes reach them directly without middlemen. This has brought cheers to YSRCP and the party leaders are enthused to work more actively for the party. The fan party is upbeat that in the coming days Jagan will go more aggressive in showing the opposition their place and also ensuring that those who trusted him by casting their votes are not disappointed.

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