Aggressiveness is his weakness

Pawan Kalyan is no longer a hero. He is now a complete politician, Jana Sena chief, Leader of lakhs of Jana Sena workers. However, there has been criticism since the recent elections that majority of the people do not like his mannerism. His meeting with Amaravati farmers a couple of days ago showed that there is no change in his way of swinging with excitement and shouting with anger. At an age when he should have shown maturity, Pawan Kalyan was combative and this became a topic of debate. People and media constantly monitor and analyse the behaviour of those in politics, especially presidents of parties. Their style of speaking, how they interact with people, their programmes, what they wear and their lifestyle all are debated. Cinema is different from life. Only NTR succeeded in making impressive speeches laced with anger. No other actor of his stature is expected to come into Telugu politics in the near future.

When Pawan Kalyan was in movies, he had the image of power star and crazy hero. He succeeded in getting the kind of following which his elder brother Chiranjeevi enjoyed. However, like Chiranjeevi he could not do the politics with dignity. Pawan Kalyan is criticised for speaking without focussing on the issue and moving from one subject to the other. Analysts say Pawan Kalyan who once looked cool and used to speak softly changed his style to become aggressive and reduced to a mere youth star. TDP chief Chandrababu can’t deliver impressive speeches but his gestures will be consistent with what he says. He has the ability to project his opinion as the opinion of the people. If Pawan Kalyan speaks with a cool mind and instead of displaying anger talks rationally he can attract people of all ages. After receiving the jolt in elections it was thought that there will be changes in Pawan Kalyan but he disappointed all.

Continuing the same style Jana Sena chief is displaying his emotions on various occasions. This is becoming his weakness. Because of his manner and style, rivals are dismissing his every action as a drama. Since there is nobody to tell him about this, Jana Sena is suffering the image. Political observers feel that Pawan Kalyan’s party has good charishma and can emerge as an alternative in AP politics. However, they believe the party can’t move ahead unless it overcomes these weaknesses. They are of the view that Jana Sena will have to enter into an alliance with another party. Let use see how Pawan Kalyan moves forwards in coming days.

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