Akhilapriya is rising again in Allagadda

Former Alagadda MLA and former minister Akhilapriya is looking active for last few days. Akhilapriya, who had distanced from Allagadda and party workers after the defeat, is rising again. Akhilapriya is making it clear that there is no question of dumping Allagadda, which had elected her mother. Akhilapriya is saying that despite losing the previous elections, she will remain among people.

In fact even before the elections those behind Akhilapriya left her one by one. While leaving the party, they targeted Akhilapriya. They said they quit the party due to Akhilapriya’s behavior. As a result Akhilapriya suffered some personal damage. Apart from this, differences in Bhuma family gathered pace. Bhuma Kishore Reddy joined BJP. A row erupted in the family on who is Bhuma Nagireddy’s successor.

However, Akhilapriya said that she is the Bhuma’s successor. She said she will give chance to her brother Vikhyath Reddy but she will not be leaving Allagadda constituency. She feels that the constituency is a gift given to her by her mother Bhuma Shobha Nagi Reddy. She said that till the time Vikhyath Reddy makes a full-fledged entry into politics, she will represent the constituency. She also said that Bhuma’s successors are also there in Nandyal constituency.

Akhilapriya, who had been visiting the constituency on and off for last five months, is reported to have told the party workers that from now on she will confine herself to Allagadda. She told people to meet her for whatever problems they face. She made it clear that she will not stop those who want to leave the party and the newcomers will be given good positions. She also said that after the defeat she realized who stand by her. She is reported to have assured that they will have good future. All in all, Akhilapriya after recovering from the shock defeat, is trying to infuse a new life in TDP cadre in Allagadda.

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