Amaravati protest may flare-up after festival

The capital story in AP is now the hottest topic. A statement made by Jagan in Assembly exactly 20 days ago triggered a storm with Amaravati farmers coming on to the roads. Protests are being held there every day. It is being said that secretariat employees will also take to the streets now. On the other hand Rayalaseema is also on the boil. It is being said that all of them will show their strength after Sankranti. They plan to take to the entire state the protest which is currently confined to Amaravati. It is being speculated that this will be like another Jai Andhra movement.

Those protesting to protect Amaravati are gearing up for direct agitation. They are saying that so far they protested peacefully but the government is not heeding to their demands. That’s why they want to intensify the movement in the next phase. They are also saying that they will bring all people together for a joint agitation to make the government open its eyes. They are finding fault with the government for hastening the process of shifting the capital by forming one committee after the other.

The protest held in Amaravati so far was the first phase. Only farmers and some sections participated in it. Now secretariat employees are also likely to join the protests. The latest meeting by the association of secretariat employees created these doubts. They are worried over shifting the capital again. They say they first left Hyderabad to come to Amaravati and now after buying house and other necessities here, they are being asked to go to Visakhapatnam. They say that since their children are studying in Hyderabad, they are going there on week-ends but if they shift to Visakhapatnam it will not be possible for them to visit their children on week-ends. Secretariat employees are saying that frequently changing the capital will create hardships for them and in fact they will suffer more than the farmers. They are angry that so far no committee met them or took their opinion. They are said to be planning to take on the government after the festival.

Rayalaseema leaders, who were unhappy with the capital coming up in Amaravati, are not ready to accept its shift to Visakhapatnam. Their demand is that the capital should come up in Rayalaseema or the region should be granted statehood. They are saying that High Court is not enough for them, they should get full-fledged capital and their sacrifices should be recognized. Rayalaseema leaders wrote to high-power committee, demanding that the capital should be established in Kurnool or separate Rayalaseema state be created. They propose to announce their action plan after the festival. Overall, Amaravati protest is likely to flare-up after the festival.

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