Amaravati will stay as capital

There is widespread debate across Andhra Pradesh on the fate of its new capital, Amaravati. The new government had stopped all the works in the capital. It does not even make any reference to Amaravati as capital city. Neither the Chief Minister nor any of the government official statements have the mention of Amaravati as capital. Even at the diplomatic meet with the ambassadors and consul generals of 35 countries chief minister Jaganmohan Reddy did not make any reference to Amaravati.

The new government which had made several allegations against the previous Telugu Desam Party government on Amaravati, is going cautiously on the capital issue or rather being silent. It looks as if the Jaganmohan Reddy government is giving least priority to make its move on the new capital as it has several other issues on its priority list and Amaravati is at the bottom. As of now, the new government wants to continue in the same buildings provided by the previous government. There is Assembly building and no need to go for another building for the same purpose. The five blocks at Velagapudi are enough for the Secretariat staff and there is no need to build five more blocks with 45 floors each for the same secretariat staff. There is a two-floor building for the High Court and there is no need to have one more. There is another two-story building for Raj Bhavan and there is no need to go for one more. The chief minister’s camp office too is convenient as Jaganmohan Reddy wants his own house at Tadepalli to be used as his camp office, giving no additional financial burden on the government.

Hence going by all these, the government is not ready to make any moves on Amaravati. Though the opposition is making hue and cry on the capital issue, the Ministers have made it clear that Amaravati will not be shifted and it would continue to be the capital. These statements of the Ministers dispel all doubts or the campaign that the government is intending to shift the capital from here to elsewhere.


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