An arrow to give new lease of life to TDP

A debate is on in the Telugu Desam Party over the third generation leadership. If the party gets right solution here, it will survive longer. Chandrababu has brought thus far the party floated by NTR. Though Chandrababu says that he has the patience to lead the party for another 20 years, it is a fact that he is unable to connect with the voters from new generation. Not just the political rivals but even his own party leaders are saying that Babu’s politics is outdated.

In this context Nara Lokesh came amidst people as the representative of third generation in the party. However, his political entry itself became a big minus for him. Lokesh became MLC from backdoor and though he had no experience he was given third most important ministry. He was also made the national general secretary of the party and this made him claim that he is number two in the party. Everything was fine but there are doubts within the party on his capabilities. His failure to develop leadership qualities like his father led to TDP’s defeat in the recent elections.

It is being said that Chandrababu does not have much hopes and expectations from Lokesh. In this context there have been demands for a long time that Lokesh’s wife Brahmini, who has Nandamuri blood, should be brought in to give new life to the party. In what is seen as a precursor to this, Brahmini accompanied by Lokesh recently participated in a dinner with TDP’s social media workers. Besides the mainstream media, the TDP is strengthening its social media presence. It is said that Brahmini gave suggestions to educate  people about the failures of the government.

There is a talk in the party circles that at this meeting Brahmini gave strong signals that she is going to enter active politics. She is learnt to have told the party workers that she will serve the party when required. If this is true, it will surely bring new enthusiasm in the party, if not changing its fate. Since Brahmini is the granddaughter of Nandamuri, people will have soft corner for her. If she develops leadership qualities, the problem of third generation leadership in the party will be solved to some extent. On the other hand Jagan’s sister Sharmila has already made her political debut. It will be interesting to see if Barhmini will come charging at them.

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