Both Jagan, Babu are at fault?

Chandrababu is a 40-year industry. He belongs to politics of 1970s. That’s why he is known for always doing back-room politics. Jagan came from modern politics. Especially he represents the current generation. Moreover he wants to be straight-forward. This is what causing trouble between them. Though they may have their own styles in politics, Jagan and Babu may be students of the same school. In fact, the entire working of Jagan and Babu revolve around the capital. The intellectual class is finding fault with this thinking. They are asking why the capital is being given so much importance. It is true that a state needs a good capital for governance. It is enough if it has assembly, secretariat, high court, governor’s residence, CM and minister’s houses. It can be run with a limited expenditure. They say that linking this to the development is the biggest mistake of both Chandrababu and Jagan.

If we look within the country and other countries, the importance of the capital is being reduced. Mega cities are not the capitals. They are the anchors of development. They are being developed with a different vision. Why Jagan and Babu are not thinking like that is the question everybody is asking. They say that if some places in AP were identified for development on the lines of Navi Mumbai and Tamil Nadu’s urban clusters, this headache would not have been there.

It is better to continue the state capital in Amaravati, which is the cause of the huge controversy. Moreover, Jagan can rule from there for five years without spending a paisa more. Coming to Visakhapatnam, it is a major city. YSRCP government should focus on its development. If similar hard work is put in, places like Kurnool, Tirupati, Rajahmundry and Nellore can be developed as cities and mega cities. BCG and GN Rao committee in their reports suggested commissionerates for development of various regions. The government should study which industry is suitable for which region so that local development can be ensured. Jagan should think differently from Babu on this issue. If major cities and capital are seen together, the old concept should be given up. Then only AP’s development will gather pace.

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