AP bandh on April 16 again

The Opposition parties have once again called for State bandh on April 16. It was only on February 8, the parties have observed State bandh. This time it is against the Prime Minister blaming the opposition parties for not allowing Parliament to function in order. The Parliament was adjourned sine die on April 5 after daily adjournments from March 12, the first day the YSR Congress and the TDP served notices under no confidence.

Though there was no threat for the BJP-led NDA government even if the no confidence motion was taken up, Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not allow the House to take up the notices and admit them to allow discussion. That would have given a chance for the BJP and Narendra Modi to give a lengthy reply to the parties before adjourning the Parliament. However, Modi opted to reject the notices and finally adjourned sine die. He is the first Prime Minister to have disallowed the no confidence motion and he is the first prime minister to sit in protest against the Opposition.

The Special Category Status Sadhana Samithi headed by Chalasani Srinivas had taken the decision to observe bandh on April 16, though it was initially planned to be observed as black day. The Congress, YSR Congress, CPI, CPM, Jana Sena and other small parties and peoples’ organisations have extended support to the bandh. It is only the ruling Telugu Desam Party which is out of this bandh so far. The TDP had backed the February 8 bandh and it is to be seen if it would support the bandh this time too.

TDP supremo and Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is talking about Japan model protests where people work for more to register their protest. Bandh is against Chandrababu Naidu’s Japan spirit and it is to be seen if he would accept bandh or differs with the parties.

Interestingly, the CPI, CPM and Jana Sena have been holding both BJP and TDP equally responsible for the denial of special category status to the state. They are not sparing the TDP, though Chalansani Srinivas appears soft towards the TDP. The BJP too finds fault with the TDP for its U turns on several issues in the last four years and its new-friend in Congress. The BJP accuses the TDP of having an understanding with the Congress in countering the BJP. The TDP is yet to counter this allegation.

The YSR Congress is blaming the TDP on the issue but is comparatively soft towards the BJP. Jagan Mohan Reddy or his party leaders are not as hard on BJP leadership as they are on the TDP in their criticism. They have their own reasons and it is alleged that the YSR Congress is having a secret deal with the BJP to help Jagan come out of the CBI cases. People are also feeling the same that Jagan Mohan Reddy is soft towards BJP and the YSR Congress should clear this or else would have adverse impact on its electoral benefits.

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