AP BJP sees wickets falling, Akula quits

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The Bharatiya Janata Party in Andhra Pradesh is facing critical time. The party which was expected to make its presence in the Narendra Modi wave, had failed to increase its membership either. Now, having parted with the Telugu Desam Party, the BJP is facing severe crisis and the leaders, except for a few, are not able to coming out to meet the people and answer their questions on the bifurcation benefits.

The TDP had successfully branded the BJP as the villain and Prime Minister Narendra Modi as betrayer. There is anger in the public on the BJP for denial of the special category status to the State. It is in this context, the BJP leaders are not able to meet people and answer the questions.

A good number of senior leaders are looking for alternatives ahead of elections. The legislators are now in the queue looking for better alternatives. Rajahmundry legislator Akula Satyanarayana, had finally resigned to the party. There are other legislators who are also set to quit the party soon. Party floor leader P Vishnukumar Raju is planning to quit the party soon.

Akula Satyanarayana, who had sent his resignation, is likely to join the Jana Sena led by Pawan Kalyan. He might take a couple of days to make his entry into the new party. He is not happy with the BJP leadership for denying the bifurcation benefits to the State and making them villains with which they are not comfortable.

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