Jagan needs strong lobbying

It is a fact that the state gets the funds when you press the right button in Delhi. That’s the reason why every state adopts a strategy to make the Centre happy. For the state to get its share in the taxes from the Centre without delay, to receive reimbursements under various schemes and to benefit from the special programmes, the state has to please the Centre. Despite several differences, the previous Chandrababu government ensured that the state get various benefits from the Centre and for this he used the good offices of then central minister Venkaiah Naidu.

Similarly TDP leaders and the then union ministers also played well their role. As a result of all this, the state got schemes like Grameena Sadak Yojna, funds for development of national highways, AP Fiber Net, Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna for houses to all and Amrut. However, now Jagan’s position is different. On paper there are many MPs but the fact that most of them are juniors and is not known to key leaders at the Centre are the disadvantages. Vijaya Sai Reddy is the only one active but it is said that the central leaders don’t have much sympathy for him.

As both Jagan and Sai Reddy have cases and there is an intensive propaganda against them, things have become very tough. Despite holding constitutional post, Vice President Venkaiah Naidu was focusing on the state’s problems till recently. He came forward to help the state in many ways. However, Jagan government recently announced removing Telugu as the medium of instruction in government schools and while defending the move, Jagan asked where did the children of top leaders study. While doing so, he dragged the name of Vice President. Where are Venkaiah garu’s grand children are studying?, asked Jagan.

Following this, Venkaiah Naidu is said to be not interested in matters related to AP. Not only this. Nobody can even approach him. This is what BJP leaders are saying. Though Vijaya Sai Reddy has access to Modi, he nods, says yes but does nothing. Everybody knows that Modi confines himself to just addressing the MP as Vijaya Sai Reddy garu.

Though 22 MPs were elected on YSRCP tickets, none of them is like TDP MPs Kesineni Nani, Galla Jayadev and Rammohan Naidu who can raise his voice in Parliament over the state issues. One or two MPs like Kotagiri Sridhar and Lavu Srikrishna Devarayulu speak well on problems of their constituencies but no one is raising state’s issues. Almost 20 MPs are just going to Delhi and coming back. Delhi sources say in this situation Jagan immediately needs a leader who can do hectic lobbying. Who comes forward and what he does, let us wait and see.

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