AP leaders resort to virus politics

Unable to find a cure to coronavirus, the entire world is worried. This deadly virus is killing hundreds of people. By spreading around the world, this virus is posing a challenge to the very survival of mankind. Will somebody treat this tragedy in a silly manner? Will he take it easy? Will he use it as an alternative for his criticism? You will find such pathetic culture in AP and nowhere else in the country. Our leaders are only talking about coronavirus to attack each other. Forty years industry Chandrababu said there is no coronavirus bigger than YSRCP in the world while YSRCP leaders hit back at him to say that Babu is the real virus.

Chandrababu is not the kind who considers himself above criticism. Using his 40 year experience, he is hitting out at his rivals. Be it natural calamity or some other calamity, he uses it to criticize his opponents. He feels that by targeting his rivals in a language which is understood easily by the people, he can take the advantage. It is unfortunate that Chandrababu thinks of only taking political mileage through this. People are getting scared by hearing about coronavirus and losing their lives. If YSRCP is described as such a virus, people will easily understand. Chandrababu hoped that if YSRCP is described as coronavirus people will hate the party and say goodbye to it.

Can YSRCP leaders keep quiet? When Chandrabau gives a chance they go aggressive. That’s why the party’s official spokesman Gudivada Amarnath stated that there is no bigger virus in the world than Chandrababu. Gudivada said that Chandrababu has infected the state like coronavirus and as long as he is alive there will be no cure for this virus. He also made the comment that wherever Chandrababu goes, there will be anarchy and destruction. They crossed all limits in comparing each other with coronavirus. If one asks these leaders if they do not have any good comparison to criticize, there is nobody to listen.

On the one hand people are worried over their health. They are already spending sleepless nights over reports that the incurable virus is spreading fast. People are angry over responsible leaders using this word repeatedly to attack each other thus reminding people of the deadly disease. They are saying that instead of creating awareness among people about the disease and educating them on the preventive measures to be taken, the leaders are resorting to cheap talk and using the name of deadly virus to create a public scare. Till now the perception among people was that the politics is sickening. Now the intellectuals say disease has entered the politics.

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