AP Ministers, Advisors justify media GO

The Ministers in the Jagan mohan Reddy government and his advisors justified the GO issued giving powers to sue the media for false and baseless reports. Ministers Kodali Nani and Perni Nani went on record at a press conference justifying the GO. They said that a section of the media was working with political agenda to tarnish the image of the government. The media was also not entertaining the rejoinders from the government on the false news, they said and justified the GO.

“Like individuals who can file defamatory suit against the media for false and malicious news, the government can also file the cases,” the ministers said. “The media in AP is following a hit and run policy and the government has the right to challenge this,” the minister said.

The two advisors of the government, Devulapalli Amar and Kondubhatla Ramachandra Murthy, too came to rescue the government from the media onslaught both in the State and in the national media. Amar, who is the national media advisor said that the media in AP has a political agenda and the government has the right to tell facts to the people on the misleading reports of the media. “What is the government can do when false reports are appearing with political intention? What is the government can do when the official version or the rejoinders are not entertained by the media,” he asked.

Ramachandra Murthy said that the media has the highest responsibility to take the side of the people and protect their interests. However, the media in AP is not taking the side of the people, but the side of a political party. “Like opposition parties who make baseless charges and politically-motivated allegations against the government, a section of the media too is doing the same,” Ramachandra Murthy said.

With journalists continuing to protest the new GO, it is to be seen what the Jaganmohan Reddy government will do to justify the GO and make its next move.

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