AP slashes petrol, diesel price by Rs 2 per litre

The Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly passed a resolution today reducing the price of petrol and diesel by Rs 2 per litre to reduce burden on common man.

Introducing the resolution in the session, Chief Minister Chandrbabu Naidu said the prices of petrol and diesel reached its peak with the anti-people policies of central government for the past four years. Extending support to the nationwide protest against petrol and diesel price hike, the Chief Minister said that the state government decided to reduce the price of petrol and diesel to reduce burden on common man despite financial crisis in the state.

The Chief Minister condemned the statement of Union Petroleum minister Dharmendra Pradhan that the petroleum prices increased due to hike petroleum prices in international market and increase in VAT by state governments. He said that the statement is far from truth and aimed to mislead people.

The Chief Minister said that the crude oil price per barrel stands at 105.52 dollars during 2013-14, reduced to 46 dollars during 2015-16 and stands at 72.23 dollars at present. The petrol price per litre during 2014 stands at Rs t 49.60 against Rs 86.71 at present.

Likewise the diesel price stands at Rs 62.98 per litre during 2014 against Rs 79.98 at present. He said that the central government failed to reduce the price of petrol and diesel despite of fall in price of crude oil in international market.

The Chief Minister said that the excise duty on diesel per litre stands at Rs 3.56 during 2014 increased to Rs 17.33 by September 2017. The excise duty on petrol per litre stands at 9.48 during 2014 against Rs 19.48 by 2018. In addition the central government imposed addition burden of Rs 7 on petrol and Rs 8 on diesel in the name of infrastructure.

He said that the central government collected Rs 10 lakh crore for the past four and half years in the name of excise duty by imposing burden on common man. He said the increase in petrol and diesel will result in increase of prices of essential commodities.

The Chief Minister demanded the central government to reduce the petrol and diesel prices immediately to protect the interests of common man.

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