Araku killing: How and why did they go alone?

The Maoists have killed Araku legislator Kidari Sarveswara Rao and his predecessor Siveri Soma in the forests on the broad day light of Sunday. From the Maoists point of view, it was an attempt to prove their presence in the forests as the State claims to have completely eradicated them from the State and the Naxals cease to exist in the State. The killing by the team of an estimated 50 armed Naxalites was just to send the message to the State and its police that they are still strong in the State.

Leaving the issue from the Naxal’s side, the big question comes from the side of the two slain leaders. Why did they go to the area with such a simple security and without informing the media or police or the government officials?

If they were going to participate in Grama Darsini programme, as being claimed, that would have the entire Revenue and police departments with them and there would have been a thorough check in the area well in advance. As there was no such activity by the government and there were no followers with them too, it suggests that the tour of the MLA and former MLA was not an official one.

If the tour was not official, then it must have been their personal visit to the mining quarry which was under their control and against which the Naxalites and the Tribal villages have been opposing. Since there is opposition from the tribal villages too to the mining activity, the MLA and his partner must have taken some of their supporters to protect them in the event of tribals holding protest against their visit to the quarry. There were no supporters to protect them from the angry tribals around the quarry area. This suggests that the MLA and the former MLA were not going to see their mine.

Then why were they on the tour? Were they on a mission to meet the Naxals and have peace talks with them? The naxalites have given a warning to the MLA and the former MLA against the mining and posters have been coming up in the area for the past six months. The tribals and the naxals have been opposing the mining activity, which the MLA was continuing.

Knowing fully well about the warning and the posters in the area, why did the MLA and his partner venture into the forest without security? What were the gunmen of the two leaders doing when they saw the naxals? Why did not the gunmen open fire at the naxals on seeing them?

These are the questions that follow the big question of why were they on the tour without security or supporters? When they have threat from the naxals and the tribals as well, what prompted them to venture out to the area?

Ram Tatavarthi
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