Are Kammas distancing from YSRCP?

Majority of those demanding that Amaravati should continue as the state capital belong to Kamma community. Though the protest is going on in the name of farmers, it can’t be denied that it is this community which is giving most of the funds for the movement. Even majority of those who bought lands here are Kammas. Similarly, those who gave some lands for the capital also come from this  community. At the same time when Chandrababu sold the capital bonds, most of those who purchased these bonds were Kammas. Even most of those who purchased property in projects like Happy Nest belong to this community.

Is it for this reason that the entire face of Amaravati is being changed? This community is worried that even if Amaravati continues as the legislative capital, the land prices here will slump, if the government activity comes down the number of visitors will also go down and as a result crores of rupees they invested in buying lands and constructing buildings will go down the drain. In this context the Kamma community is playing a key role in intensifying the capital movement.

A debate is on whether Kamma community is distancing from the ruling party YSRCP due to this change in the political equations. Despite being in small numbers in the overall population of the state, Kammas have been ruling the state. They are more dominant in Guntur and Krishna districts. In this context, analysts say, this community appear to be distancing from YSRCP due to the decisions taken by Jagan. It is a fact that in the recent elections, some people from this community voted for YSRCP. However, they are now very angry with YSRCP and Jagan.

However, at the same time as the minister Kodali Nani said if the capital is developed in Visakhapatnam, this is likely to benefit the Kamma community there. YSRCP chief Jagan and other senior leaders are of the view that if Kamma community distance themselves from YSRCP in Amaravati capital region, they will come closer to the ruling party in Vizag and other places. However, as per the available estimates unless there is a split in Kamma community such a situation will not arise. It remains to be seen how YSRCP brings Kammas closer to it. Whatever it may be, it is noteworthy that the capital issue is still raging in YSRCP.

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