Are they damaging Jagan’s imge?

Y S Jagan

When Jagan was in opposition he used to talk a lot. After coming to power he has gone silent. It is nearly six months since Jagan took over as the chief minister but he has not yet addressed a press conference. Except addressing public meetings, he is not sharing his thoughts on any subject. While this is how Jagan is behaving, his ministers are going aggressive. Some ministers in Jagan cabinet are speaking rough and tough and by creating unnecessary hue and cry, they are helping TDP get some sympathy. They are harming the good image created by Jagan among people. Earlier, minister Anil Kumar Yadav was speaking in a rash manner both in the Assembly and outside. There was a talk that Jagan called him and reprimanded.

Meanwhile, the statements by a minister from Krishna district Kodali Nani are going out of control. It is being commented in media that Nani’s remarks are bringing down the dignity. Showing the bravado before media, Kodali is using unparliamentary language and by doing this he is bringing bad name to YSRCP. Usually such language is not used in politics. Especially those in power have to be more careful. People watch government with thousand eyes. If the rival parties question, those in power have to respond from people’s perspective. It should be a reply to people. Kodali’s answer to former minister Devineni Uma Maheswara Rao’s question is very unfortunate. The fact is what YSRCP said about quality rice is correct. It said quality rice will be given from next April. Devineni Uma raised quality rice issue to pull up YSRCP. Falling into this trap, Nani made poor comments. This discredited Jagan government among people.

It is rightly said this is Jagan government. No matter who commits the mistake, Jagan is being made to pay for it. It is not possible for any prime minister of chief minister to daily monitor what the ministers say. However, it is Jagan’s responsibility to keep analyzing his ministers’ behavior. This is because if he fails to make sure that they don’t cross the limits, it will become a blot for Jagan. Opposition parties say that it is Jagan’s script. Whether Vallabhneni Vamsi speaks or Kodali Nani launches verbal attack, leaders of the TDP want to train guns on Jagan. By telecasting this again and again, the pro-TDP media is trying to malign the government. If Jagan failed to control them, he will suffer huge.

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