Atchan Naidu in the eye of the storm

Atchan Naidu

Telugu Desam Party is receiving series of blows on its very foundation. During Chandrababu’s times, TDP is almost finished in Rayalaseema and trailing in coastal Andhra and north Andhra. In the elections held last year, all these regions fully backed Jagan. As a result the TDP suffered the worst humiliation in its history. In north Andhra considered as a stronghold of TDP, the party faced the worst defeat. As if this was not enough the three capital decision by Jagan dealt a tremendous blow to the TDP. When Jagan mooted Visakhapatnam as the capital, TDP invited trouble by saying no. Ruling party is now eyeing the big leaders here. The TDP is worried over its consequences.

TDP heavyweight, scion of Kinjarapu political family, deputy floor leader in Assembly and former minister Kinjarapu Atchan Naidu, who considers himself most important leader in TDP after Chandrababu, has landed in big trouble. There are allegations that during the investigation by vigilance enforcement, Atchan Naidu was found himself embroiled in nearly Rs.100 crore ESI scam. The minister caught red-handed by writing a letter to ESI director four years ago for awarding a contract relating to tele-health services on nomination basis. Though the former minister clarified that he did not write the letter, TDP leaders are worried that since there is clear evidence, Atchan Naidu may be bitten by the scam snake.

Whether TDP is in power or in opposition, Atchan Naidu has always been Chandrababu’s right-hand man. Raising his voice in Assembly, he has been defending Babu. He is also fiercely opposing YSRCP outside the Assembly. Babu was thinking that if the TDP has to rise again in north Andhra, the party’s reins in AP have to be handed over to Atchan Naidu. However, exactly at this time Atchan Naidu is embroiled in a row. This is a big blow to Babu. However, those who are against Atchan Naidu in the party are happy over the latest developments.

With YSRCP labour minister Jayaram announcing that appropriate action will be taken on the scam, TDP leaders are concerned over Atchan Naidu’s future. At a time when TDP has weakened in north Andhra, Atchan Naidu was the main source of strength and the big voice of the party. But with Atchan Naidu himself suddenly landing in trouble the cycle has punctured. YSRCP has been targeting Atchan Naidu for several years. When Jagan was in opposition, Atchan Naidu had used harsh language to target him. That’s why YSRCP is very angry with him. Moreover in the previous elections Jagan himself gave directions to the party leaders to defeat Atchan Naidu. However, Atchan Naidu scraped through in the fight between TDP and YSRCP leaders. Now YSRCP has received a good chance in the form of the scam. That’s why it is being said that he Atchan Naidu was framed in a scam. Now it remains to be seen what turn this game of chess will take.

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