Attempt to use Amaravati for Lokesh’s future

Nara Lokesh

Yellow media has substantially increased coverage of Telugu Desam Party’s next chief Lokesh. He was often criticized for being only a Twitter bird and not being amidst the people. Lokesh was looking for an appropriate time and now the party leadership has got an opportunity in the form of ongoing protest over the capital. TDP media prepared a plan and even implementing it to ensure that Lokesh is benefited from the protest to demand that Amaravati be retained as the state capital. Every action of Chinnababu is drawing more coverage than even Chandrababu and this has become a topic of debate. These days Chinnababu is busy staging dharnas along with farmers, participating in rasta roko, doing chit chat with media for hours together and criticizing Jagan government on social media.

In the previous elections, Nara Lokesh suffered humiliating defeat in the capital region. When Lokesh was made member of legislative council, there was a criticism that Chandrababu knew that his son can’t win a direct election and hence he was brought through the backdoor. The defeat in the previous Assembly election has led to more criticism. Lokesh’s supporters feel that in the same region where he was defeated, the government’s decision to shift the capital has created a situation in his favour. There is a talk in the party media that Lokesh loyalists plan to use the ongoing movement as a foundation for his political future.

That’s why the yellow media is not missing coverage of even a single programme of Chinnababu. There is a discussion on the social media that the yellow media is busy trying to give him the priority in coverage. However, there is a debate going on over an assessment that no matter how hard they try to highlight Chinnababu, it may not give a big boost to him, though the party is likely to get some mileage. It is also significant to note that some party leaders admit in off-the-record comments that Chinnababu is not even 10 percent in terms of Chandrababu’s strategies and protest. They believe that the party can regain the public support only under Chandrababu’s leadership.

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