Babu’s Amaravati plan reduced to dream

YSRCP government has denied an opportunity to TDP to promise Amaravati development for 30 years and making it a world-class capital. Chandrababu used to repeatedly say that a beautiful Amaravati is his dream and Jagan’s actions have really turned Chandrababu’s plans into a mere dream. That’s why during the media briefing after the cabinet meeting, information minister Perni Nani repeatedly used the word Chandrababu’s dream. He may have said this with sarcasm but TDP chief could understand the meaning behind this and realized that his mega project has reduced to a mere dream. The government through Nani posed a question. When the government is unable to pay the interest on loans taken by Chandrababu in the past to build the capital at a cost of over Rs.1 lakh crore, how can it go for fresh borrowings for capital development works?

The government has begun the efforts to take among people its argument that if even 10 per cent of the money required for Amaravati is spent in Visakhapatnam, a great capital can be built in a short time. The government is saying that it is taking up this programme to ensure comprehensive development of the state and will ensure that no injustice is done to Amaravati farmers. Jagan through Nani began a new debate comparing the benefits in Visakhapatnam with the losses suffered in Amaravati. Rs.42 crore for one kilometer road in Amaravati? By asking this question he tried to educate the common man. He made it clear that the AP government is no position to spend the money at the rate of Rs.42 crore per km. He also said that Jagan government’s priorities are welfare schemes like fee reimbursement, Ammavodi and Arogyasri and by forgetting all this, it can’t put all the money in one place and take loans to pay interest. He thus placed the facts before Amaravati protestors and made a strong effort to open the eyes of Chandrababu.

Even before Jagan cabinet could make an announcement, Rajya Sabha MP Vijaya Sai Reddy kicked up a storm by announcing that AP’s administrative capital will come up in Bheemili. Since Jagan made his remarks in Assembly and they were being debated, no one found fault with him. However, Vijay Sai Reddy came under criticism for using the freedom given by Jagan to announce policy decisions. To this Jagan gave the counter through Nani. He said that there is nothing wrong in Vijaya Sai Reddy expressing hopes as Visakhapatnam district incharge and that no final decision has been taken. Considering this statement by Nani, Jagan has put a full- stop to the debate in the party.

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