Bigger disaster than poll defeat

Chandrababu could not even celebrate the New Year but he himself is to be blamed for this. Chandrababu did not even organize TDP Mahanadu this year. This is the biggest event which infuses enthusiasm among the party cadres. The event was scheduled immediately after crushing defeat in elections but it was cancelled. Now that 2020 has begun, the situation is exploding in his face. As the saying goes what you do comes back to you, Chandrababu is now caught in a vortex of problems. Frankly speaking, he has been facing troubles for last two years.

In fact party comes first for mature leaders. The experienced ones try to solve the problems at the local level. Chandrababu was once a major leader for 23 districts. Now that he is standing by the protest of two districts shows to what level inevitability has pushed him. He can do TDP politics only with the support of his caste. Worried over Jagan striking his base, Chandrababu is unable to think about other regions. He knows that if he gives up the two districts, TDP will become zero. He is not bothered about the problems faced by the party in other regions.

When Amaravati was announced as the capital, Chandrababu was the chief minister. It was he calling the shots then. He did not think of losing even in his dreams. He was planning to provide benefits to his own caste. Now Jagan is CM. One by one he is targeting the promises which were made by Chandrababu. Jagan has proposed Amaravati as one of the three capitals. As a result, those who purchased lands believing Chandrababu are drowning and they are trying hard to cling to it. This is the biggest problem for Chandrababu than for the party. Chandrababu is losing balance due to their pressure.

In a way Jagan has thrown the biggest challenge at Chandrababu. If Jagan succeeds in breaking Amaravati into three capitals, Chandrababu will suffer politically, economically and socially. Moreover, Amaravati, from where he ruled the state, will come crashing before his eyes. In future, Chandrababu will have nothing in AP to claim credit to. Chandrababu claims he developed Cyberabad but since the state has divided he will not get any benefit. Chandrababu is unable to face this situation on his home turf. In a way Amaravati as the capital is an issue of life and death for him. That’s why he is shedding tears, something which never happened in the past. For Chandrababu, this is the bigger disaster than defeat in elections.

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