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The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party got yet another slap on its face with a potential ally walking out of the alliance. The Assom Gana Parishad had quit the NDA in protest. The AGP,  formed in 1980s by the students then had been the potential political party for all these years from the North East.

The party the fourth ally to walk out of the NDA in the last four-and-a-half years of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi regime. It was the Maharashtra’s Shiv Sena which left the NDA first  followed by the Siromani Akali Dal later. In 2018 the Telugu Desam Party walked out of the NDA. Now it is the AGP from Assom to quit.

Though there is no immediate threat to the Modi government at the Center for it’s survival, the exit of the allies one after the other exhibits the falling image of Narendra Modi. Built brick by brick by senior leaders A B Vajpayee and L K Advani for more than three decades, the NDA was able to bring several regional parties to its side over the years. The two leaders took the pains to strengthen the BJP to a ruling position from its original 2 Lok Sabha seats over the years.

Now sitting on the top of the base provided by the hard work of Vajpayee and Advani,  the Modi and Amit Shah are demolishing the party and the alliance.  If Modi and Shah continue to be indifferent like the way they are, it is not too far to see the NDA losing the battle. The party’s image is already on the wane. It is now the small allies that are keeping the party in power.

The results of the five State Assembly elections are clear indication of the fading out image of Modi and BJP. The combination of Modi and Shah did not work in these five states. It had lost them to the Congress. In Telanaga, the BJP had a humiliating defeat as the party lost deposits in 103 Assembly constituencies out of 118 it contested and won just one seat. The party which holds Secunderabad Lok Sabha seat is also set to lose it in the next election. This happens despite the heavy campaign by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi,  BJP president Amit Shah,  six Chief Ministers of the BJP-ruled states and more than a dozen Union Ministers. This is the reality of the BJP ahead of the next general election.

Now the BJP is also loosing the allies one after the other. The irony for the BJP leaders is that every ally who walked out is a potential regional party and that would mean a lot for BJP to retain the power. This comes with a great fall of the Modi-Shah image which was at its peak before and during the 2014 elections.  If this continues, it would certainly not easy for BJP to win the next election.

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