BJP keeps Karnataka ruling front on fire

The Bharatiya Janata Party leadership is keeping the ruling Congress and Janata Dal (Secular) combine in Karnataka on fire every moment. Chief Minister Kumaraswamy is not as comfortable as he was in the initial months. He fears a threat to his government from the BJP which is planning a split in the Congress and the JD (S) as well to topple his government.

Kumaraswamy was not sure of his term as he had just 35 MLAs and the Congress was bigger than his party. He always had doubts over the Congress party’s support to him and felt that any day, Congress will pull him down. He anticipated a split in his party by the Congress which would later take over the government.

But, things are taking different shape in the State with the BJP playing the spoilsport. While Kumaraswamy was expecting trouble for him from his ally, the actual trouble had come to him from the Opposition. The BJP, particularly former chief minister Yeddyurappa, is making moves very fast to split the JDS and the Congress as well. There are allegations that the BJP leadership is offering a few crore of rupees to the MLAs to split the parties and topple the government.

BJP needs just a 10 seats to capture power, but to win these 10 seats, the party would have to split and buy at least 30 to 40 MLAs from both the parties to avoid anti-defection law or any constitutional trouble. This is a big task for the BJP and it is where Yeddyurappa is locked in serious job.

Under these circumstances, the government may not last long in Karnataka. The insecurity that chief minister Kumaraswamy is feeling every day cannot provide a secured governance to the people. This insecurity in the head of the State is not expected to continue for long and Kumaraswamy may have to give up his chair soon.

Will it be the Congress or the BJP that would take Kumaraswamy’s chair is the big question to be answered. It depends on who would make his move faster and strategic, to topple Kumaraswamy and occupy his chair.

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