BJP takes a dig at C M Ramesh indefinite fast

The Bharatiya Janata Party is now taking serious note of the ruling Telugu Desam Party’s indefinite hunger strike at Kadapa held by MP C M Ramesh. The TDP MP was on indefinite hunger strike for 11 days demanding steel plant for the district. He started his fast on June 20 and closed it on June 30. The TDP MLC M Ravindranath Reddy (B Tech Ravi) too sat in the indefinite fast but was moved to hospital on 8th day on health grounds. He was given fluids in the hospital and the fast was thus broken. But, the TDP claimed that he too was on fast for 11 days.

Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu had called of the fast by giving lemon juice to C M Ramesh and B Tech Ravi on June 30. The TDP leaders and the Chief Minister himself had claimed that the fast was a record in the State for the cause of the people. He claimed that Ramesh was ready to sacrifice his life but the district and the people required him to fight in future so the fast was called off.

Now, after this drama, the BJP had set its eyes on the fast. The BJP leaders alleged that the TDP had mobilised donations for the fast from the industries and business establishments. They alleged that C M Ramesh had sent his supporters to the corporate companies and local business persons seeking donations for the indefinite fast and the collection was huge running into a few crore of rupees.

BJP youth leader N Ramesh Naidu asked the TDP leaders, particularly C M Ramesh to make public the total collections and expenditure for the indefinite fast. He alleged that the TDP leaders right from Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu to C M Ramesh were spending huge amount of money on the well-scripted protests and wanted the leaders to give accounts for the same.

The BJP leader alleged that Chief Minister had spent over Rs 138 crore on his different forms of protests in the last four months and every protest was for political benefit to the TDP rather than to the State or the people.

Will the TDP give statement of accounts for the Kadapa steel plant protest or will issue a counter political statement to condemn the BJP allegations?

Subhash Vuyyuru
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