BJP to intensify its presence in Telangana

The Bharatiya Janata Party is making all out efforts to make its presence felt in Telangana. Having settled at the Centre for the second term and had wrest the power in Karnataka after a year, the BJP is now looking at Telangana as its new base. The 2019 Lok Sabha elections have given some life to the BJP in Telangana. The party’s strength from one or two Lok Sabha seats had gone up to four. The number might be very small when you look at the total of 17 seats. But, if one looks at its strength for all these years to the increased strength now, this is a big number and big victory for the party.

Having won four Lok Sabha seats and set to stay in power at the Centre for five more years, the BJP is making its plans to strengthen its base. The party is hoping at the fall of the Congress, whose leaders are leaving the party every week. The Telugu Desam Party is no more in the State and the ruling Telangana Rastra Samithi had almost killed both the TDP and the Congress. That was in fact, a great mistake of the TRS. When the Congress and TDP are killed and political vacuum is created, the BJP is taking advantage to fill the vacuum. The strategy that the TRS followed in weakening the enemies – Congress and TDP – is set to prove fatal for the ruling party as the BJP is emerging as strong enemy.

The once strong bastion for the Left movement, particularly the Left revolutionary movement, Telangana is now slipping into the saffron hands, thanks to the ambitious leadership of the TRS. The BJP is targeting to increase its membership, which in turn, becomes the vote base for the elections. The membership for BJP cannot be seen as membership of any party. The members are motivated and even made sleeper cells to work for BJP. That was how the party had grown from two Lok Sabha seats in 1980s to more than 300 seats now. This might be proved once again by the BJP in Telangana, where it is set to emerge as a strong opposition to the TRS.

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