Both sides refusing to yield

It appears to be the end of the road for select committee. Both sides are playing with rules. It is already known that a month ago Council Chairman Shariff referred CRDA repeal and administrative decentralization bills to a select committee. However, since then the file has not moved. Select committee has not yet been formed. With both parties carrying on with their strategies, the officials are also unable to do anything.

It is learnt that Chairman Shariff vented his anger at the officials for not constituting the select committee. He took exception to the file being sent back to him. He warned the officials that if the select committee is not constituted immediately he will take action against them as per the Constitution. Shariff is angry that the committee is not constituted despite his orders.

However, ruling YSRCP says that since there was no voting on forming a select committee, it can’t be constituted as per the rules. YSRCP also argued that since there was no progress on the bills for 14 days, they are deemed to have been passed. YSRCP ministers are confidently saying that the select committee will not be constituted. However, Telugu Desam Party’s argument is that these are not money bills and hence these bills are live in the Legislative Council.

On the other hand with the governor issuing notification to prorogue Council and Assembly, the government is trying to bring an ordinance. But TDP is questioning how the government can bring an ordinance on the bills pending in the Council. It says that even if the ordinance is brought it has to be tabled and approved in both the Houses. TDP leaders also argue that along with the budget session of the Assembly, the Council should also have a session as this is a constitutional requirement. Overall, both the parties are trying to dominate each other on the issue of the select committee and as a result the impasse is continuing over the panel.

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