Boyapati gets what Rajamouli refused to do

Rajamouli while making films keeps trying till he gets perfect output. That’s why the movies made by Jakkanna are like masterpieces of art. There is no one who can compete with Jakkanna in the way he makes films and the way he erected sets like the one in ‘Baahubali’a movie made and directed by him. That’s why Chandrababu Naidu himself took the advise of Rajamouli in building Amaravati and construction of buildings in the Andhra capital. After ‘Baahubali’ Rajamouli visited Amaravati several times. Meanwhile, Chandrababu also said to have approached Rajamouli for his help in 2019 elections.

Naidu is said to have asked Rajamouli to make ads highlighting the welfare schemes launched by TDP government but he outrightly rejected the offer. He made it clear that since he is busy making big multi-starrer #RRR, he can’t make TDP ads. Naidu then entrusted this responsibility to another talented director Boyapati. After the failure of ‘Vinaya Vidheya Rama’ Boyapati is now busy making TDP ads. While directing party promotional activity, he is preparing suitable content for the same. Boyapati is known to Babu since Godavari pushkaralu. A friend of Balakrishna, Boyapati came closer to Babu. At the time of pushkaralu he also did ads as a favour to the government. Boyapati with the help of his assistants is readying ad concepts and shooting promotional videos

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