Brahmani-Rahul meet, Media stands exposed

Surprisingly, the media in Andhra Pradesh is silent on a key development that took place two days ago. People were awaiting the media to talk about it. The Telugu media, which is vibrant on such developments and which also peeps into the in-camera meetings of that nature, particularly when politicians of rival parties are involved, comes up with leaked photographs or information. The media even goes beyond analysing the developments politically.

But, here, in the case of Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu’s daughter-in-law Nara Bhramani meeting AICC president Rahul Gandhi, along with other industrialists, went almost unnoticed. But for a few bulletins of breaking news on the TV channels, the event was not given its due representation.

It was a few days ago that the Telugu media took YSR Congress MP V Vijayasai Reddy to task claiming that the MP was found in the Prime Minister’s Office. The media, completely backing the ruling Telugu Desam Party, branded this unconfirmed report, only the claims of TDP MPs Y S Chowdary and C M Ramesh, as clandestine understanding between the BJP and the YSR Congress. But, the same media did not even carry a small report about Brahmani meeting Rahul Gandhi.

The complete ignorance of this development, which has political significance, has now exposed its favouritism in the people, thanks to the presence of the social media. The photographs of Brahmani’s meeting with Rahul Gandhi, are in wide circulation in the social media, including WhatsAap that is being widely circulated among the people exposing Chandrababu Naidu’s new game for the next round of politics.

Perhaps, going by the feedback noticed in the social media, people have lost confidence in the most popular and leading daily – which is considered as neutral, to some extent, still by its rural readers. This media house too had conveniently ignored this development, while it was a well calculated move of Chandrababu Naidu to have an electoral understanding with the Congress, either openly or secretly.

Since the next round of election is a do or die for Chandrababu Naidu, as to fulfil his dream of making his son his successor chief minister of the State, the TDP chief is leaving no stone unturned and untouched. His strong urge, against the wish of majority leaders in the party, to win the support of the Congress, is more visible now and he is making better use of every opportunity that comes to please the Congress. Thus sending Brahmani to attend the meeting of the industrialists with Congress president Rahul is justified by the Telugu Desam Party and the Telugu media.

Ironically, this new political game getting unfolded in Andhra Pradesh, has already gone to the people with the social media playing an active and vibrant role

Subhash Vuyyuru
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