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butta renuka

She was elected for the first time. She then changed the party. She said she has done this for development. However, now she finds herself in a dilemma. She is none other than Kurnool MP Butta Renuka. In the last elections she was elected as Kurnool MP on the ticket of YSR Congress Party. She has been in YSR Congress. Her husband Butta Neelakantham joined ruling Telugu Desam Party but she remained in YSR Congress party. There were reports that Neelakantham joined TDP due to his business. However, one and half year before elections Renuka also switched loyalties. Fearing that she may be disqualified she joined TDP without any announcement.

However, this time Renuka is not likely to get the ticket. The main reason is Kotla Suryaprakash Reddy. Since he will be joining the TDP soon, he is sure to get the party ticket from Kurnool Lok Sabha seat. Which post Renuka will get? Is this the reward given to her for changing the party? This is the question being asked by her followers. In fact Renuka is keen to contest for Assembly seat this time. She had the same wish in the previous elections but Jagan did not agree to this. This is said to be the reason for her decision to join TDP.

It has become clear that even after changing the party Renuka will not get MP ticket. Will she get MLA ticket? There are no bright chances for this either. Since joining TDP, she had her eyes on Yemmiganur Assembly ticket. By spending her MPLAD funds in that constituency, she tried to come closer to people of Yemmiganur. Butta Renuka belongs to the community of weavers. Since Yemmiganur has large number of weavers, she wants to contest from that Assembly constituency. However, TDP’s sitting MLA there is considered strong.

Yemmiganur’s sitting MLA is B. V. Vijaya Nageswara Reddy, who is son of former minister B. V. Mohan Reddy. Since the formation of TDP by NTR, BV family remained loyal to the party. By denying ticket to that family, TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu is not likely to give it to Renuka. YSR Congress is also strong in Yemmiganur. That’s why TDP president is likely to field the sitting MLA once again. This appears to have dashed Renuka’s hopes. Party sources say she may be given Rajya Sabha membership or she may be made an MLC. It remains to be seen how Renuka reacts after Kotla formally joins the party.

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