Bye, Bye Babu, Vote for Change, asks YSR Congress

Rounding off the high voltage electioneering with the amplifying slogan Bye, Bye Babu, the YSR Congress has appealed to the people to vote for fan symbol to usher in change in the form of a credible, responsive and committed governance thus bringing down curtains on the five-year term of Chandrababu, littered with cheating, opportunism, nepotism and conspiracy. The April 11 election is a fight between credibility and opportunism and people have to use their discretion to eject the ruling dispensation which has worked for the welfare of its leaders and coterie showing indifference and neglect to all others.

The Navaratnas promised by YSRCP will be delivered at the doorsteps through decentralised governance to benefit all sections of the society. We had never tied-up with any political party and fought the battle alone in 2014 and now and promise to bring back the YSR welfare state. Jaganmohan Reddy alleged that Chandababu Naidu always needed crutches as he cannot go on his own which was the reason why he usurped the Party and government nurtured by NTR, leaned on BJP, joined hands with Left, crawled back to NDA and has now hugged Congress and numerous other parties.

The TDP leadership has been importing leaders and having tacit understanding with all and sundry which show that Chandrababu has conceded defeat even before the battle began. While jackals come in a pack, lion always comes single was the slogan which drew huge round of applause from the crowd at various places. None of the imported leaders could give an assurance on Special Category Status (SCS) while KCR had extended full support for the cause.

“We understand that Narendra Modi’s popularity has waned when compared to last election and there is a possibility of a fractured verdict at the Centre. We firmly declare that our Party will support any dispensation that gives us a written assurance of giving Special Category Status (SCS), which was politicised immensely by Chandrababu Naidu who first rejected it in favour of Special Package and foiled our every bid to raise the issue at various forums and dharnas. He has passed a resolution in the assembly praising the Centre for the package and suddenly took a U-turn after pulling out of the NDA. Our MPs were the first to move a no confidence motion against NDA and quit the Lok Sabha demanding SCS,” Jaganmohan Reddy alleged.

Jaganmohan Reddy accused Chandrababu of failing to fulfil every single promise starting from the total waiver of loans to farmers and women groups, employment, stipend, closure of belt shop, providing mineral water, housing to the poor besides over 600 others included in the manifesto which disappeared from the Party website for obvious reasons. He has failed on all fronts and worked for the welfare of contractors and his coterie for kickbacks, the capital area region was one of the biggest scams of his term. People with prior knowledge of the location of the capital buying land in the peripheries at throwaway prices and government declaring the capital after their deals were sealed has turned the land pooling into a real estate business with insider trading, spinning money while land of innocent farmers was taken away forcibly using force and burning their crops if they did not fall in line.

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