Can his comments be dismissed?

An interesting debate is on in Telangana BJP. At a time when party is said to be strengthening, former governor Vidyasagar Rao’s comments have created a sensation. Some BJP leaders took Vidyasagar Rao’s comments as positive while some others condemned it. Is the central government really thinking of making Hyderabad the second national capital? For what?. It is being said that there are political as well as other reasons.

Air pollution has reached high levels in the national capital Delhi. Weather experts are worried as the pollution level has crossed the danger mark. The proposal of Hyderabad as second capital is not new. Ambedkar had also made this suggestion. The proposal was heard many times in the past. However, former governor Vidyasagar Rao’s latest comments have once again highlighted the issue of second capital.

Vidyasagar Rao, who served as governor, is not a small leader. He has vast political experience. He has good relations with top leaders at the Centre. He is in constant touch with BJP’s central leadership. After his term as Maharashtra governor ended, party’s central leadership asked Vidyasagar Rao to look after party activities. This is a proof of the confidence they have in him. Everybody knows that without a leak from the Centre, Vidyasagar Rao does not make such comments.

Some leaders see Vidyasagar Rao’s comments in link with other issues. They believe that for this reason Kishan Reddy was given the post of union minister of state for home. It is heard from BJP leaders that the proposal to make Hyderabad the second national capital is to clip the wings of TRS and MIM. Considering his vast political experience and the ties with the top leaders at the Centre, one can’t dismiss his comments. If it happens what will BJP achieve in Telangana? They also can’t rule out that such a move may even help KCR.

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