Capital divides Kinjarapu family

The state capital issue has created a huge rift between the farmers and the government. This has also triggered a clash between the opposition and the ruling party. While all this is happening on one side, there are reports that the capital issue has also created a divide in Kinjarapu family. By mooting three capital proposal, Jagan government formed committees. However, opposing this policy, the opposition parties especially TDP came out on the streets and took up protest in various forms. TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu staged a protest in a new avatar every day.

Chanrdababu is saying that the state does not need three capitals and is demanding that Amaravati should continue as the state capital. The political tradition is that whatever stand the party president takes, the leaders have to follow him. It is being said that the issue has let to division in Kinjarapu family, which from the beginning has been standing by Chandrababu and the party. Late Kinjarapu Yerran Naidu’s brother Accham Naidu, his daughter Adireddy Bhavani and son Rammohan Naidu are currently the public representatives from TDP. All of them should have stood with Chandrababu.

North Andhra people have accepted the concept of setting up the capital in Visakhapatnam. It is being strongly believed that this will ensure justice to backward district Srikakulam. In this context MP Rammohan Naidu could not oppose the government’s proposal. That’s why he distanced himself from Chandrababu’s protest programmes. Rammohan Naidu, who raises his voice on key issues from galli to Delhi, could not say much on this issue. YSRCP leaders are even saying that he has gone underground.

Though elected as MLA from Rajahmundry, Adireddy Bhavani says that the dream of his father Yerran Naidu for the development of north Andhra can be realized only if Visakhapatnam becomes the capital. In this context she did not attend TDLP meeting last Sunday. To avoid making it an issue, she is said to have conveyed to the party leadership that she could not attend the meeting due to personal reasons. Thus both the sister and brother are not coming forward in support of Chandrababu. However, willingly or unwillingly Accham Naidu is speaking in favour of Chandrababu. YSRCP leaders are criticizing Accham Naidu by calling him a slave of Chandrababu. They have also slammed Rammohan Naidu for participating in a rally to demand that Amaravati be retained as the only capital. It is being said that though he wants Visakhapatnam as the capital, he is unable to go against the party stand. Overall, the analysts say, the capital issue has created confusion in Yerranna family.

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