Chandrababu and his golden goose

Chandrababu has distorted even the golden goose story. We all know that there is an old story of a man who had a goose which used to lay golden eggs. However, Chandrababu’s golden goose story is very different. He calls Amaravati a golden goose. There is neither a goose nor eggs in Amaravati but everyday Chandrababu is trying by saying that the state will get revenues. Experts estimate that it may take over 25 years for Amaravati to turn a goose. Whether this goose will lay golden eggs or normal eggs, it will take another 10 years or 25 years to know this.

To grow Amaravati, which is currently not in the stage of laying eggs, the people of 13 districts have to put in one lakh crore rupees in the form of taxes. During this entire period of 25 years the goose will eat the grains and the remaining districts should leave all their work to keep waiting for it. Moreover, the goose will lay the golden eggs for those who invested lakhs of crores there in real estate business. This is because in Chandrababu’s own words, the price of a square yard land in Amaravati is Rs.36,000. If it grows at this rate, the price will cross one lakh rupees per square yard. For the development of capital Amaravati which will be without poor and the middle class, other districts have to sacrifice. However, the goose’s eggs will be enjoyed by those who purchased the lands there. How terrible. Is this the equitable society? Is this the social justice? Is this the 40 year experience which Naidu talks about? All these are the questions which will be asked by everyone who has some common sense.

Talking about Visakhapatnam goose, it has all the infrastructure. It is a readymade city. The money has to be spent but spending some money will be enough. This is a city well connected not just to the entire country but to the world. In a short span of time, this city may not become a goose and lay golden eggs as Chandrababu thinks but it will definitely lay eggs and will benefit all sections of people who live here. This is a cosmopolitan city. In a way it is mini India. That’s why YSRCP government is trying to experiment by setting up the state capital here with minimum expenditure so that Andhra gets the maximum benefits. We are saying experiment because in development one can never say that if you do this it will definitely yield results.

In a way Jagan is taking a risk. All are saying Amaravati and rejecting three capital proposal but Jagan choose this path. If he succeeds all others will be washed away and if he fails his very political career will be under threat. Not only Jagan, any family will expect results with minimum expenditure. That’s why calling Visakhapatnam a golden goose is right and justified.

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