Chandrababu is to be blamed for TDP’s mess

Nara Chandrababu Naidu

There is no doubt that TDP president Chandrababu Naidu is to be blamed for the current affairs in the party. Every party tastes victory and defeat. Those who come into politics don’t expect instant growth. They wait for some time. All those who enter politics think the same way. No leader hopes to grow by frequently changing the parties. However, after the results of 2019 elections, Chandrababu clearly gave this opportunity to TDP leaders.

That’s why TDP leaders are leaving the party one by one. What is the reason for leaving TDP? Didn’t they have confidence in Chandrababu? Is TDP has no future in Andhra Pradesh? These are not the obvious reasons for their action. This is because everybody knows that in Andhra Pradesh TDP alone is the alternative to YSRCP. Those leaving TDP also know that if there is anti-establishment sentiment, TDP will recover.

However, Chandrababu himself is giving opportunity to the party leaders to leave the party. Immediately after the election results, four Rajya Sabha MPs of TDP joined BJP. They merged TDP parliamentary in Rajya Sabha with BJP. All four Rajya Sabha members were close aides of Chandrababu. Before the elections Chandrababu was targeting BJP in an aggressive manner but he did not respond to BJP taking away his four Rajya Sabha MPs. Moreover, party leaders admit that he is still in touch with them. It is being said that Chandrababu deliberately sent them to BJP.

Even after Adinarayan Reddy returned after meeting BJP leaders, Chandrababu gave him an appointment and spoke to him. With indications that Chandrababu himself sent few of his close leaders to BJP, other leaders have also prepared to join other parties. Now Ganta Srinivas Rao is also on the same path. Senior TDP leaders feel that if Chandrababu in the first four months had dealt firmly with those leaving the party, the party would not have suffered such huge loss. Overall it is being said in TDP that for the first time in his 40 year political experience, Chandrababu gave green signal at the wrong time.

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