Chandrababu to copy Jagan formula

Former Andhra Pradesh CM N. Chandrababu Naidu, who is known as political Chanakya, is now following AP CM and YSRCP chief Jagan. Are you wondering what this is all about? This is the effect of defeat. A defeat teaches many lessons and Chandrababu is now learning several lessons. Chandrababu is trying to pull out the party from the defeat. As part of this he is giving more importance to youth, women, workers and farmers in the party. He is forming the party cells for these sections.

In the past TDP had a strong women’s wing. Leaders like Nannapanneni Rajkumari and Roja in Telugu mahila wing were key leaders who used to lead the attacks on the ruling party. Similarly there were student and worker wings. However, during last five years Chandrababu neglected these organizations. As a result they got weakened. At the same time a new organization by the name CBN Army was created. However, this was confined only to party Mahanadu.

Wherever Chandrababu was going, CBN Army was active. Because of this Chandrababu kept aside organizations like Telugu Youth, TNSF, Telugu Nadu and scientific experts’ team. Many affiliated organizations are disappointed that though they have been working to strengthen the party for a long time, instead of encouraging them he is encouraging CBN Army. However, the situation in YSRCP is different. After analyzing each and every issue the party has been strengthened from grass-root level.

In 2014, YSRCP lagged behind in poll management as it lacked suitable booth level convenors. During last five years Jagan strengthen the party from booth level to the state level.

Political observers believe that with this formula Jagan succeeded in bringing YSRCP to power. Chandrababu has now decided to implement the same formula and is moving ahead in that direction. He believes that like Jagan if he gives youth, backward classes and women priority in the party, it can again become stronger by the next elections.

As part of this effort, Chandrababu has decided to go ahead with his own strategy to strengthen TDP in the state. That’s why Chandrababu is visiting the districts, holding review meetings and encouraging young blood and affiliated organizations. He is discussing whether to revive the old committees or not and whether to induct youth and newcomers in these committees.

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