Chandrababu’s strategies are not working?

Is TDP chief and former CM Chandrababu is losing the grip over the party? Is he unable to lead the party with a history of four decades in the right direction? Yes, says those keeping a close watch on the latest developments. CM and YSRCP chief Jagan is striking a blow where it hurts the most. In the context of local body elections, YSRCP leaders prepared a strategy to weaken the TDP and they are going ahead accordingly. However, it is significant to note that Chandrababu is unable to try to counter this strategy or think of a better action plan.

For last few days there has been series of defections from TDP. Leaders from almost all districts are deserting the party. It is significant to note that they include leaders with 20 to 40 years experience and very close friends of Chandrababu. Changes in political parties are common. Leaders stay in the parties which they like. They hold the flags which they love. However, a leader like Karnam Blaram Krishnamurthy who spent a very long time in TDP leaving the party and that too at the time of local body elections has become a topic of debate.

Similarly Satish Reddy, whose family fought and lost to YSR family in Pulivendula for decades, has also distanced himself from the party. Meanwhile, party’s Visakhapatnam district unit president and former minister Panchakarla Ramesh Babu has also distanced from the party at the time of elections. On the one hand these developments are causing concern to Chandrababu while on the other the criticism by leaders leaving the party are raising questions on his leadership.

In Kurnool former minister K E Prabhakar quit the party and bitterly criticized Chandrababu. Chandrababu has to ensure that the party survives in the state for four more years. However, the party has become vacant in many districts. Out of 23 MLAs elected on TDP ticket, three have defected. Among the remaining 20, MLAs like Ganta can’t be trusted. Not just this. One also hears the comments that Chandrababu’s strategies are not working. It is also being said that Chandrababu’s strategies need to be re-considered. People say that if Chandrababu who calls himself an intellectual fails to allow a debate on his self-gratifications the party will land into more troubles. Let us see what happens.

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