Change in Jagan’s mindset

After becoming the chief minister Jagan stopped interacting with the media. Ten months had passed without Jagan appearing before the media. When Babu was CM, there used to be daily media briefings. That’s how it was a festival for the media. However, Jagan’s style of functioning is entirely different. He makes ministers speak on all issues while he himself keeps quiet. It is not wrong to say that State Election Commissioner broke Jagan’s silence. Jagan’s first press conference was held in an aggressive fashion. He, however, spoke what he wanted and slammed both the opposition and SEC.

Usually media conference by the ruling party carries a different value. There will be focus too. Jagan never used this opportunity in 10 months. However, for the first time he spoke for over 40 minutes to expose the opposition. This infused new enthusiasm in YSRCP cadres. Keep aside the postponement of elections, all are welcoming the way Jagan lashed out at Chandrababu.

It’s a fact that Jagan distancing himself from media and at the same time despite being in opposition Chandrababu holding daily press conferences to speak whatever he likes is helping to TDP leaders to win people’s support. In YSRCP the ministers are unable to give befitting reply to Chandrababu. There is no one to strongly defend Jagan’s style of functioning and give a strong retort. Because of this leaders like Babu and Pawan are getting highlighted in the media. Since majority of media is anti-YCP, things have become one-sided. YSRCP leaders realized this fact but they could not tell this to Jagan. With Jagan himself coming before the media, they are all feeling happy. They say that merely replying in Assembly is not enough. Media should also be used to counter the canard being spread by the opposition.

Since Jagan has come before the media, they have decided to continue this method to hold press conferences whenever required. Jagan is said to be of the view that through this way their argument will also reach people and to some extent put brakes to the misleading campaign being run by Chandrababu and company. It is being said that in the coming days there may be more press conferences by Jagan. Jagan is said to be feeling that the media is not giving adequate support to his schemes and thinking. All in all, the party leaders believe that the postponement of elections by the SEC will only benefit the party.

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