Changing policies with times

Nara Chandrababu Naidu

Ideologies, arguments and agendas are common in politics. It is also common that the policies are changed according to the situation and the requirements. However, Jagan government in AP is moving ahead without deviating from its ideology. Despite all odds and losses, it is marching ahead. Analysts say as a result of this people started to have hopes about ideologies in politics and political leaders not going back on their promises. While this is the situation, they took TDP leader and 40 year industry Chandrababu to task for changing his policies.

Now the process for abolition of the legislative council in AP has speeded up. It was thought that Jagan will not abolish it because if he waits for one year all seats will be in his kitty. However, Jagan gave a huge shock to TDP. Assembly passed a resolution abolishing the council. At the same time Chandrababu vent out his feelings before the media calling abolition of the council unjust. Raising this issue in the Assembly, YSRCP MLAs showed the video clips of Chandrababu’s speech in the Assembly in 2007 when then CM YS Rajasekhara Reddy had revived the council.

In his lengthy speech, Chandrababu had said that the council will serve no purpose. He had said that except wasteful expenditure nothing can be achieved by reviving the council. Now Jagan government is making the same arguments. They showed in Assembly what Chandrababu had said then. To counter this, Chandrababu organized a press meet. Since the video clips were played, Chandrababu admitted that he opposed council’s revival. At the same time, he said this was his stand then but now he has changed it.

What’s wrong if policies are changed with the time?, he asked. Social media reacted to this in an interesting way. Somebody commented like this. “Yes Babu..policies have to change but how can you keep public interests aside?” Analysts say when policies are changed and people are ignored, this is how the leaders are taught the lesson by the people.

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