Congress leaders woke up after five years on Telangana

The Congress leaders from the Delhi to Hyderabad, seems to have opened their brains five years after Telangana was given statehood. The leaders, ahead of the election to the State , are not speaking about the Congress party’s contribution in creating the new State. They are now denying the role of the Telangana Rastra Samiti and its chief K Chandrasekhar Rao in the bifurcation.

In fact, this was what was expected from the Congress leaders in 2014 elections. While the TRS and KCR were fighting on the streets for Telangana State, it was the Congress which had plotted and executed the bifurcation despite heavy protests, resistance and opposition. The party had dared to give Statehood to Telangana knowing fully well that it would be washed out in Andhra Pradesh. That was the sacrifice that the Congress had made for the Telangana.

The only wrong move that the Congress leaders did was putting a condition to KCR to merge his TRS with the Congress once the State is given. This condition was not fulfilled as KCR wanted to be the first chief minister. He broke several promises – merger with the Congress, Scheduled Castes chief minister, and so on – just to keep the movement on its height.

This was where the Congress leaders failed. They could have exposed KCR and explained to the people the risk in 2014 elections that it had taken to give them a separate state. They have failed for different reasons and the credit went into the account of KCR and his TRS.

Four years after the bifurcation, senior Congress leaders like Ghulam Nabi Azad, began to talk about the Congress contribution and its right to stake claim for the new State. This is too late for the party to bank on to win this time, but is for sure that the campaign would help wrest some votes.

The Congress leaders in Telangana should focus on explaining the people what was the role of the TRS and that of the Congress in making Telangana demand a reality in 2014. The campaign should focus on the state formation issue to make people understand the facts and give the Statehood credit to the Congress.

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