Congress suffers heavily

The Congress had suffered heavily in the 2014 elections for the first time in its 130-year history in Andhra Pradesh. Never before the Congress had faced such a humiliation. The party had lost deposits in all 175 Assembly and 25 Parliament seats. It also lost several senior leaders who joined the Telugu Desam Party and the Bharatiya Janata Party. That was the situation in the post-bifurcation as people had rejected the party for the unjust bifurcation. As the Congress was in power and it took lead to divide the State, the blame of bifurcation was put on the Congress. People have spit venom on the Congress leaders and it was shown in the elections.

Now, after almost five years of bifurcation, the Congress continues to suffer with several senior leaders leaving the party ahead of the elections. Senior leaders who enjoyed the power in Congress and who served as Union ministers are now at the exit gate of the Congress in the State. They included former union ministers Kotla Suryaprakash Reddy, V Kishore Chandra Deo and Killi Kruparani. While the first two leaders have set the dates to join the ruling TDP here, Kruparani had met Opposition leader Y S Jaganmohan Reddy and is joining the party on February 28.

In a way, these leaders are spent forces in their respective constituencies as they have lost their grip over the people by sitting in the Congress and not being active in the party ever since its humiliating defeat in 2014. Except Kruparani from Srikakulam district, either Kishore Chandra Deo or Suryaprakash Reddy were seen in any of the party meetings since the last election.

These leaders have pinned their hopes on having electoral tie-up with the TDP in the State so that they could contest on Congress ticket and win the elections. However, their hopes were dashed when Chandrababu Naidu said that there would be no alliance with the Congress in the State and the alliance is limited only to challenge BJP at the national level. This had shattered their dreams and now have set their eyes on contesting as TDP candidates to win.

The Congress leaders who have been waiting in the second line for the exit of these leaders are now happy that they have the chance. There are many leaders in the Congress who are now celebrating the exit of these spent forces ahead of the elections. However, it is to be seen whether they would be successful in this election in their new parties

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