Council officials caught in a dilemma

Council officials are caught between the devil and the deep sea. It is already known that AP government has decided to dissolve the state legislative council. The ruling party argues that there is no need for select committee. YSRCP floor leader P. Subhash Chandra Bose and Umareddy Venkateshwarlu have written a letter in this regard to chairman Shariff. However, opposition TDP insists that the select committee should be constituted.

Chairman Shariff on January 22 decided to send Capital Decentralization Bill and CRDA Repeal Bill to the select committee. Though 10 days have passed the select committee has not yet been constituted. The parties have not yet received the letters to send the names for the committee. The reason for this is the council officials. The chairman has directed the officials to send letter to the parties, asking them to send the names for the select committee but the work is yet to be done.

However, TDP has sent names of five members each for the two committees. Unless the other parties too send their names, the committees can’t be constituted. The ruling party has taken the council officials under its control, telling them that there is no need for select committee. Its argument is that when a decision has been taken to cancel the council, what purpose the select committee will serve. As a result of this officials are unable to do anything.

However, TDP leaders say that the legislative council officials are defying the orders of chairman and are threatening to take action against them. The council officials are in a dilemma on what to do. They said to have personally met chairman Shariff to explain their position. Though Shariff asked them to act as per the rules, due to direct threats from the ruling party, the officials are caught between the ruling and opposition parties. Not a single step has been taken for setting up the select committee.

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