Countdown for Vizag as capital begins

The countdown has begun for administrative capital in Visakhapatnam. With secretariat employees’ association showing the willingness, YSRCP government’s job has become easy. Jagan government announced huge subsidies and incentives for the employees which no other government in the past had announced. Because of this the leaders of employees’ association recently conveyed to the government that they are ready shift to Visakhapatnam. Now a big debate is on as to how Jagan government will overcome remaining hassles to reach Visakhapatnam.

In December Jagan government held special session of the Assembly to pass decentralization of governance bill with bumper majority. However in the legislative council TDP stalled the bill and referred it to select committee. YSRCP leaders argue that since the select committee was not constituted in 90 days, the bill is deemed to have been approved. On the other hand TDP is saying that this rules applied to money bills and not to non-money bills and hence three capital bill has to be passed in the council. While this controversy was continuing, Jagan government ordered that the law offices linked to the High Court should be first shifted to Kurnool. However, this move was challenged in the court.

Meanwhile, the entire world is caught in Corona crisis. There is another question. At a time when the world itself is taking unprecedented steps like lockdown and shutdown, will a major move like shifting of the capital be possible. Meanwhile, the worries of Amaravati capital farmers remained as it is. Their cases are being heard in the court. In this context will the capital be shifted to Visakhapatnam is anybody’s guess.

YSRCP leaders say that Jagan’s thinking is different. YSRCP leaders are said to be worried that if the capital is not shifted this year, it will get postponed till the next year. They feel that if such a long time is taken it will lead to many developments. Meanwhile, secretariat employees are also saying that if the capital is shifted by May 31 they can come but in the new academic year they can’t move. Thus May-end is the deadline. Will Jagan shift the capital before this date? Will governance begin from Visakhapatnam? YSRCP is in a dilemma over these questions. However, there is unofficial information that the governance will begin from Visakhapatnam from May 26. That’s why it is being said that the count-down for Visakhapatnam is all set to begin.

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