Date sentiment haunts TDP

In the previous elections Telugu Desam Party suffered its worst defeat in the history. The results were announced on May 23. Similarly, the party secured 23 seats. The previous TDP government had also made 23 YSRCP MLAs defect. This may have happened by accident but every day there is a buzz on the social media that the TDP leaders still suffer from 23 fever. In the elections to be held for local bodies this month the polling in municipalities will be held on 23rd. Now this date sentiment is haunting TDP.

If we look at the history of municipalities and corporations, it has been the tradition that the people voted for TDP. The yellow fort is now worried whether this record will come to an end this time. The main opposition is rattled over the steps being taken by Jagan government to prevent distribution of liquor and money. TDP chief Chandrababu argues that steps to check malpractices have to be taken by the Election Commission. He wondered how those in power can forget that after the notification is issued they are also a party.

In fact not just the Elections Commission but any democracy lover who wants transparent governance and those who want to see elections without distribution of liquor and money will welcome the government’s measures. In contrast the party chief and other leaders from the party questioning the government’s measures has become a topic of debate. The ruling party is even using these remarks to tell people that the TDP has given up even before the elections. TDP is said to have readied a strategy to counter this. The opposition has the apprehension that the ruling party may adopt a strategy to offer the temptation that if it wins it will withdraw the cases and give them posts.

Recently there have been series of IT raids on corporate companies and educational institutions providing finance to TDP during elections. The raids are aimed at dealing a blow to TDP’s financial roots. In the local body elections candidates take the risk if the money is put in by the parties. They are troubled by the thought that if they are defeated despite spending own money, they will not only lose the posts and the money but will also go to jail. In this context the leaders in the main opposition party are reluctant to play the gamble in this election by putting in their own money. As a result the cycle party is anxious that winning the local body elections is not easy.

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